A well-respected and long-time family-owned business, Blackburn Construction was originally established as R.J. Allen & Associates in Oxford, MS in 1984. The company had its beginnings in condo construction in the 80s and 90s and then lay quiet for nearly a decade. In 2006 the Blackburn Group, owned and operated by David Blackburn and son-in-law to R.J. Allen, purchased an interest in R. J. Allen & Associates, Inc., and was named President of the company. Through his leadership, Blackburn expanded R.J. Allen & Associates into one of the most respected commercial construction companies in the Southern United States within the multi-family and retail construction markets.

The company rebranded as Blackburn Construction in 2020 as part of an effort to bring all the family-owned businesses under a single brand. Today, Blackburn Construction is a construction management and general contracting services company that expertly designs, builds multi-family communities, apartment living, office space, retail, restaurants, convenience stores, assisted living homes and recreational spaces. Blackburn Construction has continued to experience rapid growth with annual projects consisting of 5-6 multi-tenant and 50-55 single tenant projects throughout Mississippi, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina and more.


Our passionate team of construction professionals are the best and brightest at what they do. Every member of our development construction management and general contracting services team is committed to our leadership values as the guiding principles that drive every action, we take to ensure we continuously operate in the best interest of our clients and partners.


Our history and portfolio of success in leadership and entrepreneurship is backed by decades of experience in leading great people.


We act honestly, ethically, and responsibly in all aspects of our businesses and community.


No matter how high we grow, we’ll always remember the people who were the root of it.


Only when treating excellence as the standard can we hope to exceed it, and then exceed it again.

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